A new social space to develop the local community
The first social cafe in Tallinn
KOOS Café & Foundation
KOOS Foundation is an innovative social project for Tallinn, which wants to gather the local community around the common idea: to make life of the residents more sustainable.

The main tool that KOOS Foundation will be using to support the local community and gather people around a common idea will be a local cafe. The KOOS Cafe will be a source of encouragement and support to the local community and will annually be donating 80% of its profits to a social projects that will be decided through a consensus of the donor's opinions.

The cafe will also be a place of gathering, it will bring together members of the society around a common idea of helping their local community. The KOOS cafe will be the first of its kind in Estonia, but based on similar initiatives opened up successfully in other countries, we believe that it will be a successful endeavor.

KOOS Café & Foundation
Eliisa talks in Estonian what KOOS is and why it's needed
Our goals
Social Projects
To make social projects in Tallinn easier to implement by taking out the unnecessary bureaucracy.
Social Space
To create a sustainable social space for bringing together like-minded people caring about Tallinn and its residents.
To show the people of Tallinn they're able to make a change in their community.
Help the people who have the desire to make a change but not the means to.
To motivate people of Tallinn to make their contribution to the life of the local community.
To create a family-like community where people feel safe to share their ideas and are inspired to help.
Get involved
Only with the help of your donations we will be able to launch our main tool: the KOOS cafe. For this we will need 100 donors, donating 1,000 euros each, who will have the right to vote for the social projects KOOS will be funding in Tallinn.

With your help we will be able to open doors of the cafe for the people of Tallinn.
Become a social investor
Alex Chekhov
Social Entrepreneur
Creative by profession, social entrepreneur by heart. Thrives on making local community a better place to live
Eliisa Sakarias
Social Entrepreneur
Eliisa takes care of everything you can see. She uses her knowledge to make the world a little more beautiful.
Our partners
We can't measure how thankful we're to all the people who support us
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